Iddon Jones


After nearly three long years in ‘Wicked’ - its good to be back in London.




“The name occurs in the Mabinogion as the father of Cadogan”

Phonetic Pronunciation

I = E-mail, dd = the, on = on

I’m a Welsh actor living in London.

Having trained at Mountview Academy of theatre Arts with a 1st I was awarded the Gaybor Assante award for Acting.

I have worked all over the world in places such as Australia, Shanghai, Switzerland, Beijing, Manila, Singapore and Hong Kong.

From welsh soap ‘Rownd a Rownd’ to the Tony Award winning Musical ‘Wicked’ I have been lucky enough to be a part of some amazing projects.

As a fluent Welsh language speaker I strive to bridge the gaps in identity, society and communication in my writing. I try to make my stories accessible. Working on scripts that transcends language and educates its audience with a view of giving them a taste of Welsh culture that doesn’t feel alienating. My BAFTA Cymru winning Film ‘Dancing I’n Circles’ uses the tail of Saint Dwynwen (The welsh patron Saint of love) to show how we should not be validated by loves lost, that we are not bound to rejection or opinions. I’n this very ‘Welsh’ tail is a universal message of self empowerment, morality and healing. I believe in making new stories that equips its audience with a new way of thinking to give them the possibility of choice.

As my career leads me from acting, singing, writing and film making. I continue to fill my work with an open welsh heart with a hope to change attitudes and bring new stories that make a difference to a new audience.


I have loved playing Boq along with traveling the world. I have been lucky enough to visit places I have only dreamt of going… but for now with a heavy heart, it’s time to go home.

Thanks Oz,